Life is Unfair (So What?)

Life is Unfair (So What?)

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You are not a victim.
You have power.
You can take control of your life and you can begin right now.

Some people never seem to be crushed by their misfortunes. After a major personal failure, or the loss of a job or loved one, they simply pick themselves up and turn resolutely to the future. What makes these people so strong? And, more importantly, how can we be more like them?

Scientists have studied these individuals, and their conclusions are startling: these people are not special. They do not have different genes. They are no smarter than anyone else. They have simply decided not to view themselves as victims. Instead they have developed habits that enable them to get the most out of their experiences, good or bad. There is a word for the quality that distinguishes those who survive and bounce back from those who give up: resilience.

In this book, Alain Samson introduces us to the ten keys to resilience, using dozens of real life examples to show how we too can learn the habits that will carry us through our own life difficulties and not only survive — but triumph.

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